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Preview van Dogal V25 Nightclub Acoustic flatwound

Dogal V25 Nightclub Acoustic flatwound

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This series has a perfectly smooth winding which, thanks to the characteristics of the materials used, offers a mellow sound (series V25 V24) which is well-suited to use with amplifiers employing [valve] technology. The dimensional tolerance during production of these strings is inferior to .02 mm thus aiding perfect intonation.Other advantages of the "Nightclub" Series are the purity of sound, the lack of noise during playing owing to the smooth surface, greater ease of finger movement as well as longer life compared to round-wound strings.
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Snaar # inch mm
1 .011 0.279
2 .014 0.356
3 .016w 0.406w
4 .022w 0.559w
5 .030w 0.762w
6 .042 1.067
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