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Preview van Rotosound SM55 Solo Bass Pressurewound stainless steel

Rotosound SM55 Solo Bass Pressurewound stainless steel

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Another first designed in 1977 by James How is the stainless steel bass string with his patented linea pressure-wound finish.

Once the string is wound a rolling technique is applied under pressure which displaces the crown of each winding producing a flat that reduces finger noise and friction thus allowing for more rapid finger movement.

The linea effect accentuates the middle frequencies resulting in a tone quite different from a normal round-wound string.

Great for studio work when tackling quieter musical passages.
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Bas Gitaar 5 snarige bas gitaar sets
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Bas Gitaar 4 snarige basgitaar sets
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Snaar # inch mm
1 .040 1.016
2 .060 1.524
3 .080 2.032
4 .100 2.540
Merk: Rotosound
Serie: Solo Bass
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