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Preview van Hannabach 600 HT Silver Plated High tension

Hannabach 600 HT Silver Plated High tension

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The 600 series is the introduction to Hannabach products.

Strings in legendary Hannabach quality at a very attractive price
High-precision treble strings for an excellent playing feel
Specially silver-plated, tarnish-proof wound bass strings - wrapping material
Made in Germany
Excellent, clear and transparent sound

Handmade in Germany
Environmentally friendly cardboard packaging!

This string-set in legendary Hannabach-quality has an extremely attractive price and is "hand-made in Germany". This is down to a combination of using new materials, economical packaging and limiting the offering to two sets. Of the string itself... no compromises are made, after all it is a real Hannabach string proving our principle: "The sound comes first!"

Silver plated bass strings, coated bass strings, precise Nylon treble strings. Available in two tensions only as a complete set. No single string service.

Made for instruments with scale length 65cm/25.5".
Disc edge: precise nylon monofilament, blank
Bass: Silver-plated copper wire, tarnish protected wound
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Klassieke Gitaar 6 snarige klassieke gitaar sets


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Klassieke Gitaar 6 snarige klassieke gitaar sets
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Merk: Hannabach
Serie: Silver Plated
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